Simon and Company, Inc. provides intergovernmental assistance to local government officials navigating the hallways of Congress and bureaucracy of the Administration. Len Simon founded the firm in 1987. Today, our bipartisan team is proud to support the efforts of more than twenty units of local government around the United States. Each intergovernmental strategy is designed to address the specific needs of a community and its residents. Our services focus on advancing the federal priorities of local government through strategic engagement, legislative advocacy, regulatory analysis, coalition-building, and federal grant assistance. After three decades, we are proud of our achievements in the areas of legislation, appropriations, authorizations, and grants for communities nationwide.

Our clients include city and county governments, special districts, housing authorities, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, local education agencies, and nonprofits. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on behalf of public servants who are committed to creating greater opportunity and improving the lives of the citizens they represent. We serve as their daily liaison to Congress and the Administration, establishing an effective presence for municipalities here in the nation’s capital. We are proud of the bipartisan, collaborative relationships we have developed with federal decision-makers on both sides of the aisle over the past 30 years. We encourage Members of Congress and the Administration to consider local voices and experiences as they draft legislation or executive actions and regulations respectively. This intergovernmental engagement is critical in the development of effective federal policy.

We value expertise across all federal policies affecting urban and rural areas alike. It is our responsibility to connect with those pursuing solutions inside and outside government. Our professionals regularly participate in coalition-building efforts with the private sector, national organizations, think tanks, and other external stakeholders who serve as allies to local governments. These peer networks are a helpful resource to cities and counties seeking to exchange best practices and innovative approaches.

We help our clients to identify, pursue, and secure federal grants for local projects and initiatives. We support leaders and staff throughout the development of those applications, offering technical expertise and strategic guidance to ensure that each proposal is competitive. Our clients’ efforts have been successful, receiving critical federal investments leveraging more than $1 billion worth of public and private infrastructure investment in transportation, infrastructure, and housing since Congress enacted the earmark moratorium. That success has been complemented by additional investments in neighborhood revitalization, small business, and creative place-making with public arts and humanities. However, our focus extends beyond the built environment.

As a woman-owned firm, we are committed to the mission of promoting equity and inclusion through public policy and our own practices. We are proud to support mayors’ efforts to invest in human capital, helping the most vulnerable and disenfranchised to better realize their full potential, by pursuing legislation or federal grants that enhance provision of health and human services as well as local education, workforce development, nutrition, and reentry programs. We believe that all Americans deserve an equal chance to succeed. We are grateful to help advance the goals of local elected officials pursuing these outcomes through compassionate governance.